Dr. Kamesh Satish Pawar

Vice President of  - South Asia Management Association and the Social Welfare and Enlightenment organization in India

Mr. Kamesh Pawar is a figure of dynamic personality, known for thinking beyond conventional boundaries—indeed, one might say he thinks 'outside the box.' An effective leader, Mr. Pawar possesses extensive industry experience and a deep understanding of social issues.

He earned his MBA in Finance from Monad University in Delhi, India, in 2020 and is  Ph.D. in Management from Monad University , Hapur ,New Delhi. His research focuses on Blockchain Technology and its financial implications.

Inspired by his uncle and mentor, Mr. Sandesh Jain, Mr. Pawar has engaged in various social issues. He is profoundly influenced by Shri Acharya Vidysagar Ji, whose teachings are a true inspiration to society. Remarkably, Mr. Pawar began leading his family's business operations across different locations in India at the young age of 15.
SNS College is not just a project, but a dream organization for Mr. Pawar. He envisions its growing into a platform of international repute. A technologically savvy individual, he believes in the transformative power of technology to revolutionize work culture and enhance efficiency.

His ambition extends to seeing the company recognized as the best service provider on a global scale."