• College Development Council 

Dr. Usha PandeyPrincipal
Mr. Jitendra ShivhareMember
Dr. Kamesh Satish PawarDirector
Mr. Shashank PandeyAnti-Ragging Committee
Mr. Kalpana YadavWomen Welfare
Mr. Dinesh MaraviSC/ST Cell
Mr. Daya DhurveyWomen Security
Mr. Surendra WasnikScholarship Approval
Mr. Awadesh DubeySecurity Incharge
Mr. Dewang BaderiaPlacement Incharge

About College Development Council 

  1. Principal (Dr. Usha Pandey):

    • The Principal is the academic and administrative head of the college.
    • Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the college's operations, including curriculum development, faculty hiring and management, student affairs, and budget management.
    • Provides leadership in maintaining academic standards and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
    • Acts as a liaison between the college and external stakeholders, including government agencies, accrediting bodies, and the community.
    • Makes decisions regarding academic policies, disciplinary matters, and resource allocation.
  2. Member (Mr. Jitendra Shivhare):

    • Represents the interests of various stakeholders within the college community.
    • Participates in discussions and decision-making processes related to college governance, policies, and strategic planning.
    • Provides input and feedback on matters affecting the college's mission, vision, and goals.
    • May serve on committees or task forces to address specific issues or initiatives within the college.
  3. Director (Dr. Kamesh Satish Pawar):

    • Provides strategic leadership and direction for the college under the guidance of the governing body.
    • Oversees the implementation of institutional policies and objectives.
    • Works closely with the Principal and other administrative officials to ensure effective management of resources and attainment of organizational goals.
    • Represents the college in external forums and cultivates partnerships with other educational institutions, industry partners, and stakeholders.
    • Supports innovation and continuous improvement initiatives to enhance the quality of education and services provided by the college.
  4. Anti-Ragging Committee (Mr. Shashank Pandey):

    • Formulates and enforces policies and procedures to prevent and address incidents of ragging or harassment within the college premises.
    • Conducts awareness programs and sensitization sessions for students and staff to promote a safe and respectful campus environment.
    • Investigates complaints related to ragging and takes appropriate disciplinary action against offenders.
    • Collaborates with local authorities and anti-ragging helplines to ensure timely intervention and support for victims.
  5. Women Welfare (Mr. Kalpana Yadav):

    • Develops and implements initiatives to promote gender equality, safety, and inclusivity within the college.
    • Provides support services and resources for female students, faculty, and staff, including counseling, mentorship, and advocacy.
    • Raises awareness about issues affecting women's rights and empowerment through workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns.
    • Collaborates with relevant stakeholders to address gender-based discrimination, harassment, and violence on campus.
    • Works towards creating a conducive environment that fosters the personal and professional development of women within the college community.
  6. SC/ST Cell (Mr. Dinesh Maravi):

    • Ensures the effective implementation of policies and programs aimed at promoting the welfare and empowerment of SC/ST students and staff.
    • Provides support services and resources to address the specific needs and challenges faced by SC/ST individuals in accessing education and opportunities.
    • Facilitates affirmative action initiatives, scholarships, and mentorship programs to enhance the academic and socio-economic outcomes of SC/ST students.
    • Monitors and evaluates the college's compliance with reservation policies and regulations pertaining to SC/ST representation and participation.
  7. Women Security (Mr. Daya Dhurvey):

    • Coordinates efforts to enhance the safety and security of female students, faculty, and staff within the college campus.
    • Collaborates with campus security personnel, local law enforcement agencies, and community organizations to address security concerns and prevent incidents of harassment or violence against women.
    • Conducts risk assessments and implements safety measures, such as lighting, surveillance systems, and emergency response protocols, to create a secure environment.
    • Provides training and resources on personal safety, self-defense, and bystander intervention for women in the college community.
    • Responds promptly to reports of harassment, assault, or other security-related incidents and facilitates appropriate support and follow-up actions.
  8. Scholarship Approval (Mr. Surendra Wasnik):

    • Administers the process of reviewing, approving, and disbursing scholarships and financial aid to eligible students.
    • Ensures compliance with scholarship criteria, guidelines, and deadlines set by funding agencies, government bodies, and institutional policies.
    • Provides guidance and assistance to students in navigating scholarship opportunities, application procedures, and eligibility requirements.
    • Collaborates with academic departments, financial aid offices, and external sponsors to facilitate the distribution of scholarships and promote access to higher education for deserving students.
    • Maintains accurate records and documentation related to scholarship awards, recipients, and fund allocations.
  9. Security Incharge (Mr. Awadesh Dubey):

    • Oversees the security operations and personnel deployed to maintain safety and order on the college premises.
    • Develops and implements security protocols, access control measures, and emergency response plans to mitigate risks and ensure a secure environment.
    • Conducts regular patrols, inspections, and surveillance activities to monitor for potential security threats or breaches.
    • Collaborates with local law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and campus stakeholders to coordinate responses to security incidents or crises.
    • Provides training, guidance, and support to security staff to enhance their capabilities and professionalism in carrying out their duties.
  10. Placement Incharge (Mr. Dewang Baderia):

  • Facilitates the placement and career development activities for students, including job placements, internships, and industry collaborations.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with employers, recruiters, and industry partners to identify job opportunities and internship placements for students.
  • Organizes career fairs, networking events, and skill development workshops to enhance students' employability and readiness for the workforce.
  • Provides guidance and counseling to students on career pathways, resume writing, interview preparation, and professional development strategies.
  • Tracks and analyzes placement trends, alumni outcomes, and employer feedback to inform program improvements and enhance student success in securing employment.